Compounding is the ability to personalize any type of medicine to fit a patients needs. Here are a few of the many services that are offered at Bentall Pharmacy:


  • As we age, the hormones in our body decline, and sometimes we require hormones to help us feel normal
  • We can provide custom hormones prescribed by physicians and naturopaths designed for women and men
  • We offer hormones in capsules, sublingual drops, troches, creams and suppositories


  • We have access to ointment mills and electric mortar and pestles to ensure that pharmaceutical grade ingredients can be broken down and added to creams in an elegant manner. We also ensure that a minimal amount of unnecessary ingredients are added (i.e. preservatives)


  • We are able to provide a dosage form for children that may be more palatable to a them. We offer many different flavors that can mask the bitter taste of many medications. Syrup, supensions, lozenges, and lollipops are just a few of many dosage forms that we can provide.


  • Certain oral medications can cause nausea, upset stomach, or even constipation.
  • We are able to provided medications that target the specific area requiring attention
  • We can even provide pain medication as nasal sprays, gels, creams, troches, or even suppositories if needed.


  • Human medications are sometimes used for pets however, they often have different requirements for the amount to take.
  • We can customize these medications and provide a suitable alternative for your dog, cat, rabbit, and even bird.